The fascinating world of GTArp

So I have been watching and playing a LOT of GTA RP (Role Play). But there are many nuances and rules to this game. I am currently writing a big story about it and the politics surrounding it. It will be due soon.

But until then here is a teaser.

This really took off about a year ago on Twitch and some of the biggest players like Lirik made this an overnight sensation.

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Time out!

Still trying to find the time to do some reviews. I am gathering screenshots. However some of my preferred games have now been updated from BETA and are even better. So having more game time. Suffice it to say, at least I cannot be blammed for brushing over things and am really loving a few that are must haves – stay tuned!


Android Games Take Time

I have recently been playing a few games I have downloaded from the PlayStore, but found that some are not as good as others of a similar theme. However, there are a few games I think deserve a full and honest review with screenshots that have been made long into the game rather than reviewing based on 5 minutes.

This is why I have such gaps between posts. It just takes time to play these games, especially the Freemium ones as… well you know how long it takes to gather resources and update features.

Bear with me and some great reviews will be up soon. 🙂


Our Data Get Paid to see ads!

Our Data

This is really interesting and a big buzz on the tech geek scene. It is important to get in early with this to get the most shares in this venture and it is free.

Basically there is a tech enterprise that is trying to address adblockers. In that at the moment people block ads entirely – and they are even trying on Facebook (bit of a war that one). However, they are now trying to compensate people for seeing the ads. In other words, rather than the publishers benefiting from you seeing the ads you get paid as well. This redresses the balance. This new launch is on Iphone and desktop (ASAP) you sign up for free and get shares. The earlier you get in the more you get. This is also a social venture, in that the enterprise will offer the option to either be paid (paypal or similar) or donate to a charity. This could be ‘the next big thing’ so get in early!

The place is and the offer code is Samantha2 if you are suspicious as in …. mmmmmmmmmm yeah right check out this link at 43m 10s in and see that this is genuine but do not wait about. As it will clearly be a early adopter bonanza! A bit like Twitter where now you cannot get your name ;)P


Visually Indicated Sounds Machine Learning may fool you!

I found this experiment really cool and to be honest it seems to have fooled everyone who has looked (or listened) to it.

In a nutshell what is happening is a computer AI is matching a sound it thinks will fit the actions in the video.

For example, I hit a bush or the ground with a stick. But there is NO audio in the video. The Artificial intelligence matches a sound it thinks it will make exactly.

In the video below, you will see examples of this and it is very accurate, and almost good enough to replace  Foley artist! (That’s a sound FX person).

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