The Joy of Lockpicking! The Locksport Hobby!

(Image Monstrum XXL kit I use by Sparrows).

So I am back to lockpicking again (KEEP IT LEGAL!). It is a fun hobby and great for older fingers to stay nimble! If you like puzzles then this is exactly that. And its cheap too as no doubt you have locks on your home or padlocks lying around. Even if you dont you can pick them up from friends or from locksmiths without keys for next to nothing. Nerds and security analysts tend to also be interested in this field as it involves using tools as stealthily as possible to access secure systems (your door or a server firewall).

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Potato Diet Recipes Smoke Mackerel with Sriracha Jackets

Potato Diet Recipes

Smoke Mackerel with Sriracha Jackets

OK so no this is not potato entirely. And sure you can just have some Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce mashed into a jacket it tastes nice and spicy!

However, Mackerel is very good for you and is rich in omega 3. This whole pack of small fillets is approx 600 Calories. Now if like me you may have some Breakfast then this then maybe an orange in the evening in theory you could eat the whole packet and still be within a 1500 calories. But I am going to only use 2 smallest then another day have the same and the larger one alone a third day.
So this is 200 Calories for the Fish and the rest is Potato diet fayre.

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Potato Diet Snacks – Sliced Jacket with Salt and Balsamic Vinegar

Potato Diet Snack

Sliced Jacket with Salt and Balsamic Vinegar

You can Dry Pan fry these like this or alternatively if you are in a rush slice the jackets and eat immediately as dry frying is a faff for some.

Simple quick snack if you are tempted to munch something you shouldn’t whilst on the Potato diet. And an alternative to crunching a boring carrot!

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Potato Diet Curry

Free Potato Diet Recipes

Potato Diet Curry

This is a great curried potato dish. This recipe is designed to make a lot so you can freeze portions. It makes approx 8 large portions. Coupled with my Potato soup also frozen into portions you are beginning to have a variety of ready meals available after a long day. Especially if you have to cook for your family separately.

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