Youtube will not play on VLC Network Stream

YouTube will not load Network Stream on VLC (solved)

This is a solution as of the time this was posted. However it is likley the code will be updated as it changes in the future from the same source GitHub.

If you have VLC and everyone should have VideoLan! Then chances are you want to play Youtube Videos in it using their Network Stream under Media. However recently as people updated VLC they discovered this was no longer possible.

YouTube have a LAUC file in the playlist folder that simply needs to be replaced but has to be done so manually! And this for most people is unknown so they assume it is no longer possible. Nevertheless It is fixable.

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Alba TV Argos Bush USB Movie File Types (SOLVED)

What type of file plays on my USB stick on my Alba TV! What Video File Plays on my Smart TV! (SOLVED)
What USB video files will play on my Bush 24 Inch HD Ready TV/DVD Combi – Pink? (SOLVED)

(Image Alba 24 Inch HD Ready LED TV/DVD Combi with Freeview – Pink)

OK here is my story so it may apply to you. I have this TV with built in DVD but it has the ability to play movies, music and photos from a USB thumb drive. I put on the common mpeg4 format and it says format not supported. And so begins the headache of WHAT WILL IT PLAY! I created short video files in various converted states with different extensions until I solved the problem which Alba never seem to mention in their manual.


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Flat Earthers beware you maybe able to go into space too soon!

In a week where Virgin Galactic have announced they are prparing for Space with their latest vehicle and Branson modeled their in flight wear we have new suits from NASA for Moon and Mars Missions.

The lights just went on inside Virgin Galactic’s next spaceliner.

The Spaceship Co., Virgin Galactic’s manufacturing subsidiary, recently wrapped up a landmark “Power On” test of the third SpaceShipTwo vehicle, which is being assembled in Mojave, California.

“This test verified the foundation of the electrical system of the new spaceship and means we can start verification of the onboard electrical subsystems in preparation for its first flight,” The Spaceship Co. said via Twitter yesterday (Oct. 21).