Not Registered on Network Error (Solved) Smarty Network

OK so you have Smarty and go to use your phone and get

Not Registered on Network Error

Then you panic now there are a series of issues you can go through not least log into your Smarty account and make sure your phone has not reset any network issues take out the sim rebed it put it back in and ensure you follow the set up guide for a new sim in the control panel of your account. Sometimes sim cards can become unseated if you are rough with your phone! Continue reading…


Lloyds Bank Log in Error message (SOLVED).

Lloyds Bank Sorry, we’ve had to log you off Error Problem Fix

OK so you log into your bank Lloyds (Bank of Scotland Group) and you get a blank page with a message on it saying this…

Sorry, we’ve had to log you off [Error: 1007 ID: 18.bfce7a5c.1594211465.xxxxxxx additional numbers] or similar.

You try again same message! You then panic or wonder what has happened.  3 solutions. 2 below and the third is call them of course! 🙂

Continue reading…