Periscope Live Streaming Now available on Twitter

Periscope now available on Twitter

Periscope in Action
(Image Source: The Next Web).

Periscope is a Live Streaming services for Twitter (by Twitter) and is set to Challenge the growth of Meerkat that dominated the last couple of months! Meerkat is a third-party app that until now has piggy-backed onto Twitter’s platform. And Twitter users have gone mad for it, expediting Twitter to move quickly to develop their own version named ‘Periscope’.

What is Periscope?

In a nutshell, these apps stream content to your channel. When you stream, your followers are sent a message to say you are streaming, and your viewer count will increase as they begin to watch and they can also interact with you and chat, maybe even asking for your to move your camera/phone to have a different views. So fantastic for high profile ‘celebrities’ who want to show you what they are up to (say on the film set) and communicate with their fans live. Unlike twitter or a ‘proper news show’ it is unedited webcam-like in the moment video. And for some maybe a bit boring after a while. But if Twitch and Youtube Gaming has proven, people will watch people live streaming talking nonsense. One thing that is interesting is that it is designed to work in vertical portrait mode and this is something often hated by TV creators, News and Youtubers/Webcameras who want horizontal. So get used to it!

It can be recorded by a third party so treat it with cautions, in the same way you treat tweets. It may actually be safer. As you can speak and stream and the viewers can only send messages!

Already the Tech World is buzzin’. Take this excited post on ‘The Next Web‘.

“It’s almost like next-level Twitter. Information starts flowing in and you can experience it as it happens, in real time. With Periscope, you get a whole new level of access to the events unfolding on the ground.

One streamer I watched for a while took questions from the 500+ people watching. He told us he was scared. That he thought people were pushed to the ground by the blast. He didn’t know what had happened, but knew it was bad. It was more authentic than watching the TV news could ever be.

Periscope has begun to transform  the way that news can be accessed and consumed overnight. Meerkat, which came before it, started the change but Periscope has fulfilled instant live video’s purpose, by offering a huge critical mass of users as it launched to great fanfare.”

The Verge reports that Periscope is like Meerkat atm in that it is only available for iPhone ‘but an Android App is forthcoming’.