ETS2 is great for Photographers!

 ETS2 is a place to be Creative! Especially Landscape photographers.

Just pull over your Truck and shoot a sunrise!

I took this snap as I like Bridges, my favourite being the Tamar Bridge of course and this reminds me of the countless times I traversed that.

In this instance I made the shot Black and white and added a graduated filter to the top (burning in) and what we have here is a double take.

Is ETS2 getting too real?

Yes this is actual game play and not a pre-game video sequence. A round of applause for SCS! [who make the game].

Is this a real photograph of a bridge or is this a game that is so real you can play it? Usually saturated ‘blown-out’ colours give the ‘game’ away [GROAN, Sorry!], but when you go monochrome B+W we only have the content and look a bit closer. This truly is the direction gaming should be going, I have seen it with Second Life, from the glossy water to the shadows, more realistic skins and sculpted prims and mesh. Gaming with the addition of say the new Oculus Rift will change the landscape forever. We are ‘this close’ (pinching fingers together) to totally immersive gaming, as long as you have a damp cold wash cloth for the back of your neck as many say the slight lag can send your brain into overdrive.

Exciting times…