Google Self-driving Cars on the Public Roads

Google has now got the green light for public road testing…

Is it just me or is this Woody Allen’s ‘Sleeper’ Movie come to life?

Cool but the one downside most tech geeks are saying is that if the car has to decide in an accident about to happen who should be sacrificed. The bus of school children coming towards you or you and the car to self-destruct. Maybe only then will the driver wish they had a steering wheel 😉

In 20 years all vehicles will all know where all the other networked vehicles are – especially Uber. So they will know the value of their cargo – namely people and families. Now who decides to go off the cliff when two Google vehicles are arguing? The family with the 2 kids or you Mr on his own with grown up children? The NHS has QALYS (Quality Adjusted Life Years) to decide who gets precious limited medical resources now. That is an algorithm too so don’t think I am joking. It will just happen a lot faster (at the speed of light!) and without any debate. “It’s you mate sorry ’bout that – OVER WE GOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo!”