Adult Friend Finder Dating hack exposes millions of users!

Adult Friend Finder millions of users across the world Exposed.


And is seen by some as something they would rather keep quiet – until now.

Their site has apparently been hacked and many millions of user’s details, locations, names and more have been seized by hackers. And seem to be going to be leaked on the web.

This is potentially catastrophic for those who ‘cheat’ and even worse it may open others up to BlackMail! For those who are GLBTiQ it could be life changing!

Nevertheless, it has given the tech world a bit of a mischievous giggle. As many report this as an almost ‘serves you right’ attitude.

Channel 4 News said: The stolen data reveals the sexual preferences of users, whether they’re gay or straight, and even indicates which ones might be seeking extramarital affairs. In addition, the hackers have revealed email addresses, usernames, dates of birth, postal codes and unique internet addresses of users’ computers.