Google I/O

Google I/O


The developer conference has released some interesting news.

The Big Stories that affect the general public are as follows


The Big news

M follows L, L for Android Lollipop. Before that was KitKat so the alphabet clearly leads to ‘M’ next and there was much speculation about what chocolate or sweet/candy treat will be next!

The introduction prior to Google Executive Sundar Pichai who took to the floor offered a very impressive wrap around universal zoom in solar system video experience suggesting that it may well be ‘Milky Way’ next, but could also be Mars ;). Either way it is unlikely to ‘Macadamia bars’…

but who knows… The hand shake with Mars Chocolate looks like it has already been finalised? And as Nestle’ found out with KitKat. Being associated with Google is a great Branding deal especially in the break through markets of India and China!


Type C

Type C connections for their Nexus range of phones and Tablets are coming, meaning that they work either way around so that is welcome.

Volume controls will finally be fixed on Android at last! I am sick of it deciding what I can control and what Android controls and immediately had to install a third party volume control app mixer, which I have reviewed in this blog elsewhere – go search for it as until ‘Milky Way’ is released I guess we are stuck with it 😉


Searchable Photos in New Photos service from Google

This was much anticipated and expected, as the rumour mill simply could not keep this quiet!

Photos will now be searchable by recognition – This is really exciting.

Imagine you took a photo, and are trying to find it out of your many thousands over what may be decades in the future, but have not labeled it? OK, you know it was taken in London in the snow! You type London Snow, and Google will find it!

Which brings us onto that very subject of this new Google photos service!


Google Photos

There was Picassa……….. roll forward to Google+, now Google state they can host all your photos for free and forever!

Away from Google+

Entitled ‘Google Photos’ – why would you need Flikr or Photobucket? Now Google will store unlimited photos indefinitely and not charge you a penny!

The UI allows you to bunch photos with pinch and zoom and more easily search for them based on their content.

Available for any user now, not just for people on the Android platform.

Unlike Google+ where sharing was quite difficult outside the platform, now it is easy to share with just a link. I suppose that would be similar to how Google Drive operates?


Google Now (on tap)

GN on Android takes information about you and interacts with the applications you use. Example? You are listening to an artist on Spotify, you go to GoogleNow to search and GN already has guessed you want to know something about the artist you have just listened to, so that so serves that as a top solution. Predictive thought and predictive text(?) – scary!


Google Cardboard

SDK updated to support Iphone 6 and made larger to fit 6 inch Nexus. So the cheap VR experience is available to all!


Internet of things

Project Brillo (and Weave) will replace ‘Android at Home’. AAH was an early service that fell flat when it was first tried – a way to control your entire home, from your door to your CCTV, to your thermostat, refrigerator and oven.

Basically there are a number of ‘internet of things’ products already out there with propriety software, from ‘Smart Things’ to Garage door openers. What google are suggesting is an operating system so they can all work and communicate together. Like Android for the Internet of things and it will likely be called ‘Brillo‘!


Pricey Go Pro Rig at Google I/0


VR Headsets need a means by which they create that experience – but then you need a player fortunately Google own Youtube, and just need a ‘stitcher’ to seamlessly attach all the images together and this is where ‘JUMP’ comes in. And VR with Cardboard above moves step one step closer.



Google I/O is a great please to sniff out trends and for geeks to network. More will be discussed in due course but here is just a taster of the future and Google seem to be the best plays to entrust yours – for now at least 😉