What are the Best Plugins for LSPDFR? Here are my Top 10 LSPDFR Plugins!

Best Mods for LSPDFR

I have played a lot of LSPDFR for those who do not know it is a mod that can be used with GTA5 to allow you to play a cop. However, the modding scene led by the likes of Albo1125 and promoters of the format such as Jeff Favignano on YouTube demonstrate this is not going away anytime soon, if anything due to the popularity of GTArp on Twitch many of the LSPDFR mods have found their way into FiveM (a GTA5Mod that synchronises multiplayer modifiable private game servers with economies jobs and of course COPS!). So assuming you have a licenced copy of GTA5 and you are then good to go! Just go to the LSPDFR website and download and install it. You can play it for a while in its vanilla form and it really is great fun! THE POWER!!!

However, you may soon tire and then yearn for a bit more depth to the game, such as being able to search, charge, fine and even do speed and radar or checks call for tow trucks, coroners and EMS! So what mods do you think you would need that are easy to install but really change the game? The thing is by comparison with playing a cop in GTA RP means you invariably have to queue to play and are unlikely to play a cop as the better servers make you train as one thats assuming you can even get on them in the first place! This bypasses all that because it is on your local PC you can do what you want and police however you like! Plus you do not have to talk to anybody if you do not want to. Unless you are streaming it to add some immersion.

First of course install the main mods
OpenIV (For editing)

Well here are my Top 10 LSPDFR Plugins!

  1. Arrest Manager
  2. Stop The Ped
  3. Spike Strip Mod
  4. Traffic Policer
  5. Search Warrant by Darkmyre
  6. Better EMS
  7. LSPDFR+
  8. LSPDFR Computer+ –  This is to allow you to search and effectively fill out an arrest sheet.
  9. Police Smart Radio
  10. Assorted Callouts

There are of course many more you can add such as Sergeant and On Scene Backup

But for now the basics are essential to get the most out of the game and they are also very stable. But I recommend watching Albo1125 videos on Youtube.