Remapping Game controller or Game Pad for GTAV GTA5 GTA V GTA 5 (SOLVED)

How do I remap or change buttons on my game controller or game pad for GTAV GTA5 or change the buttons on the game controller from the default set by the game?

If you play GTA with a gamepad or hand controller and find the buttons are in the wrong place or do the wrong things for you then you need to remap the game pad. However, the problem is its quite a lot of hassle to do and requires a lot of internet searches and in some cases OpenIV to extract or input the files.

Rockstar who made the game really dropped the ball on this one and made it really quite difficult to do this and if you use a PC usually gamepad for driving and keyboard for when out of the vehicle, or you use a mod in GTA like LSPDFR then you will find just using a program like Joy2key will still not only open your selections but the default ones too for example you remap a key to say shift on the controller and that alerts a ped to pull over their vehicle but it also aims a driveby weapon at them at the same time!

To over come this the solution is to create a mod folder and and place an update file within it then edit a common file from the original game (encrypted) and then save that copy to the mod folder else it kinda breaks the game if you try to overwrite the original. But this is a pain. So some people have done the donkey work for you and here are two easier solutions.

and either
for the remapping
here is a tutorial to help you with antimicro

Or if you really want to get down and dirty with OpenIV then here is another way to do it…