How Do I Stop My Office Chair Moving? BUDGET DIY FIX (SOLVED)

Driving and Racing Sim Chair Moves when I press the peddles. How do I stop my gaming chair moving for free?

I have faced this same problem. I have a driving rig for ETS2, American Truck Simulator and Project Cars. I use a Next Level Metal Stand and although heavy I don’t want to buy the bolt on racing seat. So I use my Office hair for driving and Racing Simulation Games. However, when I press the peddles the chair can roll back. How do I stop my gaming chair rolling back when I press the peddles?

Simple answer is a carpet tile. You may have one or you could try an off cut of carpet for free. If not buy one carpet tile to match your floor or buy a black one. Cut it as pictured you can get a lot of these out of one I only needed 2!

Pop them around your wheels and enjoy! They work for me surprisingly well This is on carpet on laminate you may need a piece of double sided carpet tape of course.

Have Fun!