Two New Social Networks that maybe worth a try!

Have you tried Known and Ello?

These have been around now for a good few months, but both are just really only now coming out of early adopter (Beta or ‘Invite Only’) status.



Known –

Known is a similar to WordPress but without the ‘clunk’, plus you can export it should you need to. The thing with Known (no pun intended) is that is is a very clean and crisp environment and like Ello (I will mention later) are demonstrating a sort of lateral thinking with blogging and sharing. What Known does well is give you something akin to wordpress,that they will run and update for you, but as an Indie development it is constantly open to improvements and suggestions. I offered some ideas only today and they really do alter it. The best thing about it though is the way it can share to a number of your networks without having to leave the UI. You post and then share to all your networks in a click – done! It really is optimised for mobile, but looks good in any browser on any machine. Grab your name while you can!


Ello –

Ello is another land-rush social network, that reminds me of an early Facebook or Twitter. The smart money gets in early to claim names, until now invite only, but very shortly it will go mainstream!

What is cool about Ello is their no ad policy – how they will generate revenue is open to question (it may become the Wikipedia equivilent of Social Networking and that would be kinda kewl, but it is very much an artists/photographers/ performers and almost feels a little Bohemian in its leanings. It wants to be something else, something new. You can now request an invite – so do so. Millions are subscribing and it is one of the most hotly anticipated social networks in recent years! The number signing up in its first few weeks were 10s of thousands a day! So your name or business title may already be gone. But don’t wait any longer, even if you plan on just sitting on your account until all your fiends join. Check it out!

Click here to find out about Ello