Gaming Equipment


My Gaming Setup

If you are here chances are you are interested in gaming or have seen me play on or maybe a YouTube video embedded in this very site. Or maybe you have read one of my gaming reviews?


Below I will list my Gaming Setup of course some of this naturally crosses over into the Studio setup here. But this page is for gaming info and what apps I am currently playing.


Hardware employed for Gaming videos is the following:

Controllers – I use a Logitech G27 for driving simulators such as Euro Truck Simulator.

Logitech G27
G27 for ETS2

I use a 3D Mouse called a Space Navigator from 3dConnexion. This was originally used for gaming and making movies in ‘Second Life’ where I could use it as a Steadicam® for smooth transitions and gliding through the air using Fraps.

………………..Space Navigator

Space Navigator 3D Mouse

However, it is now a great tool for 3D modeling, or any virtual world, even like flying a glider with Google Earth, Space Navigator is highly recommended and sturdy solid metal product! unique in its class! As games like ‘Elite Dangerous‘ are effectively 3D modeling in ‘space’ (literally in this instance) I could use a Joystick and Space Navigator (apt!).

Saitek X55 for Elite Dangerous

I have opted for the Saitek X55 Rhino Hotas pictured above.The rason was simple it was enough to spend for a pro level HOTAS, The next one after this wold have been the ‘Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog’ and tbh I have not read enough or seen enough positivity to warrant that extra cost (£100+ more) than the Rhino above. The Saitek seems to be the best in its class and hopefully an investment piece for aviation/space sims, or Joystick capable games.

For anyhting else a 3D Mouse and Joystick with twist control, optical mouse and keyboard of course together can fill in everywhere else beyond gaming, and lowers desktop clutter as big controllers or ‘ driving rigs’  are unwieldy, space consuming (and expensive)! Although if I did want one and had the space I would probably go for GT Omega Combinations of all controllers can be mapped in various ways. The Joystick I have owned for sometime from Logitech and a rarely used game conroller is stored away for now.  And of course a Media Keyboard (from Logitech also along with all this – I as you can tell love Logitech products – a mouse, and about 4 other compact keyboards and mice (due to space issues) from Targus (they are very good, reliable, compact and smaller than a standard keyboard whilst retaining full USB functionality!) so can in effect have two keyboards on a table each side of me and sit back.
Head TrackingTrackiR5. I have other suggestions here if you cannot stretch to that.
Headset – My Headset (it is one of the rare ones that does not pinch my ears so have stuck with it but pimped it up with a pop windshield and of course an TrackiR5. I also can use a baseball cap withe the Track peak attachment with, lapel mic (from Giant Squid great hand built lavalieres and adored by those in the know) and earbuds if I have a headache


Gaming Headset

Sennheiser PC151 + TrackiR + Cable-tied Pro Quality Foam Wind Shield.

Headset – Sennheiser (Above) I have 2 of these, one is for editing audio without the attachments.
Microphone and Mixer if required see: Studio Equipment).
Tablets (Android) Gaming – Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung s4. This is purely to be able to review games on different screen sizes to see if they are still playable. I am not part of the Apple Universe. A tablet is also used for a Speedometer for ETS2 see this post as to how and why I did it.
Gaming PC –  This is an i5 Custom Built PC on a Gygabyte Board with an Nvidea 750 Ti Graphics Card. It has an HyperX SSD 240GB that is partitioned. Running Windows 7 and Windows 10. There are 4 1TB Fast drives. It has 12GB of matched Ram DDR3. For teamspeak or chat I have another 8 PCs to choose from but usually use the Dell XPS.



Streaming to Twitch see bottom of this page for Video Mixer. I use a commercial software Video Mixer for Skype interviews, multiscreen etc. However there is little doubt if all you want to do is stream a game to little beats OBS (Open Broadcaster Software).
YouTube – Editing is completed on Sony Vegas (big fan and used it for years) with just about every commercial plugin there is! And why I do not change! 3D titling etc.
Games currently being played
(PC) Euro Truck Simulator 2 – (Going East) both online here in multiplayer and in single player with my Stobart Truck Mods and Promods, Realistic Lighting plugins to get Scandinavia (check out Stockholm it is a work of art! All cities in ETS2 should be this way!), Elite Dangerous, as both these games are great for twitch and open-ended immersive and fun to play for long periods, staggeringly realistic compared with the old titles by the same name – a no-brainer! Age of Empires Castle Siege, Second Life (I am also a builder and scripter in-world since 2007)’, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Sniper Elite V2, Sniper Elite III, Call of Duty Ghosts….I like Sniper games as they are more consider, and mellow to play, until all hell breaks loose that is 🙂 I am still one big fan of World Cup Snooker 2005, It still remains the best ever Snooker game and one I will never uninstall! It is not only beautiful, the physics are as near as I have ever seen to the real thing! And a joy to play! Get it if you can find it it runs on Windows 7 (top tip) it also has pool, billiards and other games.
(Android) Clash of Clans, Starwars Commander, The Simpsons Tapped Out, WGT Golf,Battle Beach, Boom Beach, Dots,  Jenga, Pro Darts, Pro Snooker, Empire Z, Fifa 15, Clash of Kings ,Total Conquest… Many of these have been reviewed on this site.

This is an ongoing list and I will add more as time goes on, but there are only so many hours in a day, especially if you want to put in the time to get good at playing them and enjoy playing them as a gamer rather than just a reviewer.