Our Data Get Paid to see ads!

Our Data

This is really interesting and a big buzz on the tech geek scene. It is important to get in early with this to get the most shares in this venture and it is free.

Basically there is a tech enterprise that is trying to address adblockers. In that at the moment people block ads entirely – and they are even trying on Facebook (bit of a war that one). However, they are now trying to compensate people for seeing the ads. In other words, rather than the publishers benefiting from you seeing the ads you get paid as well. This redresses the balance. This new launch is on Iphone and desktop (ASAP) you sign up for free and get shares. The earlier you get in the more you get. This is also a social venture, in that the enterprise will offer the option to either be paid (paypal or similar) or donate to a charity. This could be ‘the next big thing’ so get in early!

The place is http://www.ourdata.us and the offer code is Samantha2 if you are suspicious as in …. mmmmmmmmmm yeah right check out this link https://twit.tv/shows/new-screen-savers/episodes/66 at 43m 10s in and see that this is genuine but do not wait about. As it will clearly be a early adopter bonanza! A bit like Twitter where now you cannot get your name ;)P


Visually Indicated Sounds Machine Learning may fool you!

I found this experiment really cool and to be honest it seems to have fooled everyone who has looked (or listened) to it.

In a nutshell what is happening is a computer AI is matching a sound it thinks will fit the actions in the video.

For example, I hit a bush or the ground with a stick. But there is NO audio in the video. The Artificial intelligence matches a sound it thinks it will make exactly.

In the video below, you will see examples of this and it is very accurate, and almost good enough to replace  Foley artist! (That’s a sound FX person).

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Last Chance to Upgrade to Windows 10 for Free!


Followers of my blog or if you click Microsoft in the categories will show you that I was right in on the early beta development releases of Windows 10 and have partitioned almost all of my drives to accommodate it.

For some however, it has been a confusing issue. Now to help here I will give you a few reasons to update, and one reason not to update and solutions to the two major problems of either before you decide.


  1. To own the latest version of windows for free before July 29th 2016!
  2. To upgrade from Windows 7 or 8.1 automatically ensure ‘recommended updates’ is switched on in your control panel – windows update – change settings and check recommended updates. There is a caveat for this see negative reasons (Not to update below).
  3. Windows 7 officially ended on January 13, 2015, and the extended support period will expire in 2020. This maybe a concern for some who do not like to worry and would rather have the latest thinbg without all the security headaches.

Not to update

  1. Windows 7 (in this instance or windows 8.1 with Media Center) if updated to windows 10 WILL lose Media Center! This for me is a big deal as I have tuners in my PC and use it for over the air TV channels. For that reason, one of my PCs will remain 7 indefinately.
  2. For the last 6 months Microsoft has had a little nagging window by your clock recommending you update, in some cases the PCs have just updated without permission (see recommended updates), Windows 10 qualifies as a ‘recommended update’, so turn it off if you do not want it. If you cannot still get rid of it visit this site and install NEVER 10 don’t worry it is safe, follow the instructions and it will stop you updating!
  3. Windows 7 still has a long time left and is likely to be more secure than the new Windows 10 that will have bugs and exploits (security risks) due to it still being in it’s infancy. Windows 7 by contrast is a mature operating system and still supported with security patches (IMPORTANT ONES – not the ‘recommended’) that you can continue to install.
  4. Windows 7 officially ended on January 13, 2015, and the extended support period will expire in 2020. you still have 4 years! Windows 8.1 in 2023!

So if you want windows 10 and do not already have it – time to hurry! If like me you feel it maybe better to hold onto the devil you know, then install Never 10 and relax!

Hope this helps!


What is Microsoft Tay?


MS Tay

Tay is a chat bot developed by Microsoft to interact with users in such a way it may well fool them in beliving it is human. Joke abound on it ‘catfishing’ (see and search this blog for ‘Catfish’) individuals, made easier by the teenage girl persona.

You can test and try it out for yourself at Tay.ai (AI hmmm?… Rise of the machines is coming so don’t upset her she may have a long memory and our forthcoming Robot overlords may come looking for yah! :). But it has also been accused of being a racist! Continue reading…


How do I run Windows Media Center on Windows 10?

Can Windows Media Center run on Windows 10?

This is something that Microsoft have been squeezing out since Windows 7. One of the big issues stopping Windows 7 users upgrading to Windows 10 has been the loss of Windows Media Center. Many do not use it it is true, but for a few that rely on it as their …well? Media Center/TV or have it running as their media server machine serving movies and music etc. It is vital! Well for me it is what I use to watch over-the-air content (and satellite) using Hauppauge Tuners. Well there is a fix…sort of.

And details are here. http://www.windowscentral.com/install-media-center-windows-10 However, I have a dual aprtition drive on my media center 7 machines. One has Windows 7 and the other windows 10 in dual boot. I selected Windows 10, and then installed this hack to see if it worked. And yes it does. However, it failed to scan for over-the-air channels. So effectively it became a glorified VLC device. Ironically VLC did a better job. I just linked that to my home group and played recordings from another media center machine that was in another room.

My advice would be to stick with your Windows 7 or if you paid for the Media Center upgrade on window 8 for now. As, as they say, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!