Best lightweight Video Editor for free! (Solved)

OK so I have tested both the lightweight version I have used on a very old PC with a low powered Video card! And the second on a gaming PC as the Pro version does need some power to run it! These two are both great and safe to use. No Malware was found in either and they are Free! Whats not to like?! Both are free for personal use. Continue reading…


How Do I Stop My Office Chair Moving? BUDGET DIY FIX (SOLVED)

Driving and Racing Sim Chair Moves when I press the peddles. How do I stop my gaming chair moving for free?

I have faced this same problem. I have a driving rig for ETS2, American Truck Simulator and Project Cars. I use a Next Level Metal Stand and although heavy I don’t want to buy the bolt on racing seat. So I use my Office hair for driving and Racing Simulation Games. However, when I press the peddles the chair can roll back. How do I stop my gaming chair rolling back when I press the peddles?

Simple answer is a carpet tile. You may have one or you could try an off cut of carpet for free. If not buy one carpet tile to match your floor or buy a black one. Cut it as pictured you can get a lot of these out of one I only needed 2! Continue reading…


Youtube will not play on VLC Network Stream

YouTube will not load Network Stream on VLC (solved)

This is a solution as of the time this was posted. However it is likley the code will be updated as it changes in the future from the same source GitHub.

If you have VLC and everyone should have VideoLan! Then chances are you want to play Youtube Videos in it using their Network Stream under Media. However recently as people updated VLC they discovered this was no longer possible.

YouTube have a LAUC file in the playlist folder that simply needs to be replaced but has to be done so manually! And this for most people is unknown so they assume it is no longer possible. Nevertheless It is fixable.

Continue reading…