Flat Earthers beware you maybe able to go into space too soon!

In a week where Virgin Galactic have announced they are prparing for Space with their latest vehicle and Branson modeled their in flight wear we have new suits from NASA for Moon and Mars Missions.


The lights just went on inside Virgin Galactic’s next spaceliner.

The Spaceship Co., Virgin Galactic’s manufacturing subsidiary, recently wrapped up a landmark “Power On” test of the third SpaceShipTwo vehicle, which is being assembled in Mojave, California.

“This test verified the foundation of the electrical system of the new spaceship and means we can start verification of the onboard electrical subsystems in preparation for its first flight,” The Spaceship Co. said via Twitter yesterday (Oct. 21).



Haptx the future of VR Feedback!

Love this as its something that if not well done results in what we have now. If you have ever watched say people playing Virtual games together or dealing cards or picking up a gun. It feels like they have a disability similar to a stroke where there seems to be a loss of connection or their arm and wrist is behaving as if it has no feeling like a pins and needles dead arm. For a precision grip in VR (the opposable thumb is what made us leap ahead in evolution after all you need a precision grip) this maybe the future right here!