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  • GTA Definitive Trilogy a Full review

    GTA Definitive Trilogy just exactly does the gaming community think? This has been a long time coming and despite the offline servers issue over the last few days (Rockstar made PC play impossible even for GTA5 Online) it has had very mixed reviews. Of course those who were there first time around will fondly remember…

  • What Does Jebaited Mean? What is Jebaited (SOLVED!)

    Jebaited Meaning Jebaited Definition Jebaited Def Jebaited is an often used TWITCH Emote that shows a person laughing and looking up. It basically means

  • What does MonkaTOS Mean?! (SOLVED)

    What is MonkaTOS? MonkaTOS is a shorthand meme that seems to have begun on TWITCH when they updated their Community Guidelines to include more minority groups such as disabled and transgender people for example.

  • The fascinating world of GTArp

    So I have been watching and playing a LOT of GTA RP (Role Play). But there are many nuances and rules to this game. I am currently writing a big story about it and the politics surrounding it. It will be due soon. But until then here is a teaser. This really took off about…