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  • How to Export a Calendar under Mozilla Thunderbird and Lightning (2024)

    How to Export a Calendar in Mozilla Thunderbird (SOLVED) Sounds dumb as many cannot find the export button! In many cases when they install Thunderbird (for me this is the best replacement for New Outlook Calendar that changed from their brilliant desktop version to some nightmare online affair. See my review here about that). The…


    I just found this interesting no mention of parties and Dominic Cummings at Number 10 of course 😉 Wasn’t this a weird time though? For most techies and coders this was business as usual! LOL! TBH I didn’t even realise there was a pandemic :P! FULL IMAGE Have fun and snotty days Surfwidow!

  • The IBM PC turns 40

    Well it is everywhere. Nerds across the world reporting on the fact it has been 40 years since IBM famously launched the Model 5150 (or IBM PC). At a time when Commodore and Apple controlled the market Big Blue, who were more known for their bland beige business machines (the clue is in their title…

  • What is Project Blue Beam? (SOLVED)

    What is Project Blue Beam (SOLVED) I love a conspiracy theory me. And the big one after Flat earth and ‘Plandemics’ is ‘Project Blue Beam’. The simple answer is it is a false flag event created to fool humanity into believing there is an alien invasion. This then forces humanity under one controlling ‘entity’ to…

  • Anti Harassment Controversy at South by South West

    Anti Harassment Controversy at South by South West A panel that planned to speak at the Media Industry’s South by South West has been challenged by the very trolls they sought to expose. It is a bit complicated, but in a nutshell, people like Brianna Wu who are standing up for oppressed minorities on-line such…

  • Leo Laporte – Follow the Geeks

    Leo Laporte Follow the Geeks Book Entry (Image: Leo Laporte/ This is really worthwhile if you are a fan of Leo delves into his life and adds a chapter to this great online book. Check it out – you don’t have long though (for free that is ;))

  • Tesla Launch the Model X

    Tesla Model X launch goes without a flaw! (Image: From one of the best crash test results in its class, to doors that open in tight spaces. From Bio filtration – yes they have a biowarfare level of interior filtration! To 0-60 in 3.2 seconds with a 250 mile range. This car is nothing short…

  • Darpa Rescue Robots Challenge 2015 and Samsung HGV Safety Video Kit

    Two Very Cool Safety Videos This time I thought I’d post two videos that are doing the rounds – one is from Samsung and the other showing excerpts of the development of our Skynet Robot overlords… 😉

  • Google I/O

    Google I/O The developer conference has released some interesting news. The Big Stories that affect the general public are as follows

  • Google Self-driving Cars on the Public Roads

    Google has now got the green light for public road testing… Is it just me or is this Woody Allen’s ‘Sleeper’ Movie come to life?

  • Euro Truck Simulator 2 Scandinavia

    Euro Truck Simulator 2 Scandinavia is coming soon This is a great expansion for ETS2 especially for Multiplayer where Mods don’t work – only legit SCS maps. However if you want a great Scandinavia (addon) without shelling out any money then click here and grab the free PROMODS version – that has a lot more…

  • Samsung S6

    A wrap around big screen experience in Barcelona a big success as the new S6 is finally revealed. The Samsung s6 with it’s non-curved cheaper sister Goodies include an f1.9 lens meaning better lo-light and the event showed on the big screen just how much better this is than the iPhone 6. The big news…