Category: Wearables

  • Sightful Spacetop Augmented Reality Laptop (No Screen)

    Every so often I think this is something I would use. Imagine being on the Train and having full sized screens around you?! The Screen is an issue and does take up a lot of real estate especially if you are say a business person being driven around in a car. In the Backseat you…

  • Facebook Metaverse Mark and the future of VR

    Its time to begin the move to a Ready Player One VR world. And Facebooks Mark Zuckerberg has dreamed big. From a messageboard to media to Oculus to this… It is going to happen. Maybe not as good as the video below will show just yet. But as we already have Second Life and VRchat.…

  • Flat Earthers beware you maybe able to go into space too soon!

    In a week where Virgin Galactic have announced they are prparing for Space with their latest vehicle and Branson modeled their in flight wear we have new suits from NASA for Moon and Mars Missions. The lights just went on inside Virgin Galactic’s next spaceliner. The Spaceship Co., Virgin Galactic’s manufacturing subsidiary, recently wrapped…

  • Haptx the future of VR Feedback!

    Love this as its something that if not well done results in what we have now. If you have ever watched say people playing Virtual games together or dealing cards or picking up a gun. It feels like they have a disability similar to a stroke where there seems to be a loss of connection…

  • Google I/O

    Google I/O The developer conference has released some interesting news. The Big Stories that affect the general public are as follows

  • Periscope Live Streaming Now available on Twitter

    Periscope now available on Twitter Periscope in Action (Image Source: The Next Web). Periscope is a Live Streaming services for Twitter (by Twitter) and is set to Challenge the growth of Meerkat that dominated the last couple of months! Meerkat is a third-party app that until now has piggy-backed onto Twitter’s platform. And Twitter users…

  • Force Touch trackpad Apple’s Granted Patent.

    Force Touch Trackpad – the art of typing without typing! (Image Source: pocket-lint). Apple have been awarded a patent for what is set to be the next big thing in mobile touch devices!

  • Apple Watch

    Apple Watch goes down a storm and sets a new benchmark in ‘wearables’. (Source: Apple). Apple has now revealed the watch that will be on every Apple Lover’s Wrist from now on.