How do I convert a Samsung Phone to Google Nexus?

How do I change Samsung TouchWiz into a Pure Nexus Experience?


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Touchwiz Vs Google Now

Some people do not like the Samsung Touchwiz UI. I don’t, I have used Google Nexus and love the ability to drag and drop icons and automatically turn them into folder, I like the simplicity of the camera, the “OK Google!” Google Now, I prefer Google’s Lollipop ‘Material Design’, and most importantly all the junk and bloatware that comes in Touch Wiz is all hidden from view.

OK So how do you change your Samsung device into what looks exactly like a Nexus?


All links are to Google Playstore and not insecure websites!

1. Visit this page and download the ‘Google Now Launcher’. Install it, and when you launch it, set it as the ‘default launcher’. Do not worry, your Touchwiz is still on your phone. So you can bring it back should you not like this launcher – but you won’t want to.

2. If you want to Google Keyboard then click here. It is now available in Lollipop white, but I prefer the grey option below.


Problems people can have [SOLVED].

Q). I cannot find the widgets or create more than one screen!
A). Press and hold your finger on a blank piece (without an icon) of the home screen and the widgets menu and wallpaper options will appear. You can simply drag a widget to the left or right off the screen to make additional screens.

Q). How do I speak to the phone like I do with the Touchwiz assistant?
A). Tap the microphone on the Google Now search bar and say “OK GOOGLE!” and then your question.

Q). Can I use the old assistant and the Samsung Keyboard with Google Now instead?
A). Yes. Look for it in your settings. It is all still there.

Q). Will the Google Launcher remove TouchWiz from my Phone?!
A). No. You can change to that launcher in your settings and even use one launcher by day and one by night – it is up to you.

Q). Can I drop icons onto each other like I can with a True Google Nexus experience?
A). Yes. Just have a master icon and drag the other icons onto it. The first icon in the folder becomes the icon on the Home Screen, which you can then tap to see all the others. But this is a huge space saver! I have them called Games, Media, Office and Browsers. And this is part of the joy of Google Now Launcher.

Q). Where is my Phone Dialer Keyboard gone?
A). Don’t worry Google have naturally thought of that! Click the dice icon apps menu and press and hold the desired app to drag it to your desktop and drop it onto your tool bar :).



And your Samsung will look like this. Sweeeet!!! So clean and tidy and simple. You other apps are on the dice menu so you can press and hold them and send them to your desktop as shortcuts as usual. This can be used on Galaxy Notes and S-series etc.

I have never regretted this and will not return to Touchwiz. Nor do my friends who have done so too!

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(Image Source: Google)