Duolingo – The Best Free Language App on the market! (Review)

What is the best free Android App for learning French (Danish, Spanish, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Irish, italian, English)?


Samantha Johnson takes a look at one of the most fun ways to learn a new language and what is best is it is completely FREE!

Sick of all these freemium games? Freemium Gem collecting, in-app purchases, roundabouts that leave you nowhere? Want to spend your time more sensibly, and learn as you do so?..

Sounds like a QVC ad doesn’t it?

Learning languages can be fun and there is no finer way to learn on a tablet or smartphone than to spend 5mins a day with short lessons (with audio and pictures) that carry you along at a nice easy pace, and best of all it is all for free!


Duolingo is one of the best apps I have used, as they have cleverly thought about this and at a very high level of education, the hidden ‘learn a language’ simplicity within a little game is almost subliminal, and yes you do learn, and there are no ads!

So how do they make money? Well rumour has it, eventually, they will use this system as a translation service(?), so questions posed to the millions of its users will be cleverly hidden within the games and that is clever, as it would mean linguists could be translating for free 😉 But who knows(?) – just profitez today! (thats French btw lol).

But whatever the case…for now! This is something I would highly recommend you go and download. And great for kids too – start them early and play togther with your children – let them show you how great they are at languages!

As an English speaker first and foremost, French is the second language I speak, but Spanish and the others are already tempting me in. And I also have German in my sights!


Wonderful! And no stress, play at your own pace, from audio, to drag and drop words and sentences (see pictured), and for once something of value that us a actually worth something to you when all the Gem  and Donut based games are long forgotten as you get bored! This is a skill that you can take forwards into your life, or even improve your employment opportunities as a student! Especially if you want to work in Europe!

This app has it all

Luv it!



I have lived in France and enjoyed brushing up on my French, and will take more languages in time. It is better than any class I have taken and fun too!

So what would be one of the best apps I have used along with apps like Evernote, in a nutshell it is Duolingo!

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An modern classic!