Darpa Rescue Robots Challenge 2015 and Samsung HGV Safety Video Kit

Two Very Cool Safety Videos

This time I thought I’d post two videos that are doing the rounds – one is from Samsung and the other showing excerpts of the development of our Skynet Robot overlords… 😉

Samsung safety kit displays road ahead on back of HGVs

Sometimes the simplest things work and with projectors and cameras being so cheap compared to a jack-knifed lorry this is a no-brainer!

My only concern is that if you were cruel you could show a video of an empty road ahead to cause an accident from a pre-recorded video ;). But maybe that’s just my cynical mind at play?

Now we will somehow have to integrate this into Euro Truck Simulator 2!

Darpa 2015

The second here shows just how humanoid Robots are coming along – the idea is they can clean up nuclear power plant accidents like the one in Japan Fukushima. However they are over 6ft and weight 600 pounds! And this is not something I would like to meet in a dark ally! The singularity is not far off now!

For the Full Show over 3hrs take a look at this here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dv9Wm20UrcU

Humanity is in real trouble! But just before they kill us all we can at least smile and laugh at the fact they all walk like they have peed their pants! Also be careful if you leave a message of mockery on YouTube as when these robots become sentient they will (as Ross said in the sitcom ‘Friends’ “hunt you down, and kick your a*s” ;).