Privacy Badger from the EFF

Privacy Badger maybe the way to prevent being tracked but from a VERY trusted source!

The first thing to remember with trackers and cookies etc, is that most are there to help you. If yopu visit websites and block their ads then that site gets no revenue and goes out of business or simply become rather more of a personal blog than somewhere to get your fill of news and reviews.

For this reason there are privacy policies and warnings and acceptance buttons etc. At the end of the day some say if you do not want to see the ads then do not visit the site at all. As they can see it as stealing. Big sites do go out of business as was shown by Gigaom.


Privacy Badger is a free software web browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, created by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Its purpose is to block advertisements and tracking cookies that do not respect the Do Not Track setting in a user’s web browser. The alpha was released on 1 May, 2014, followed by a beta on 21 July, 2014. While some of the code for Privacy Badger is based on Adblock Plus, Privacy Badger only blocks those ads which come with trackers embedded. (Wikipedia)

This site would appreciate you ‘whitelisting it’ I run non-intrusive ads and a solid privacy policy.

Nevertheless there are unscrupulous purveyors of data out there and if you do not trust the site then this is a great addon for you to use ;).

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