Alphabear Word Game Puzzle Review

Alphabear is probably the most fun you can have with a word puzzle without going on Countdown. Alphabear Word Game


(‘Ventilation’ was one of my finest moments eat that Countdown! LOL)

This is a really fun way to pass the time. A word puzzle but with a very cute angle. You choose bears and build up your game play. The bears are cute as are their sound effects and kids will love em’. But this is not just for kids, it is a serious contender to any word game out there. I play one game a day as that is all I need. But you can upgrade and play more. There are also against the clock options – I personally like to take my time. This is the only stressful part of the Television word game ‘Countdown’ for me – it is ‘The Countdown’ – as the timer makes my mind go blank. So fans of word creation games will love this. As you play, unused letters begin to grey out after a few words, if you haven’t used them they begin to shake and bounce a little to remind you that if you do not use them they will turn to stone. This is challenging as you have to start thinking about using words that include the ready to expire letters :). It is freemium so go download it and try it – if you like word games I guarantee you will become addicted 😉


by Spry Fox LLC Puzzle

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