The fascinating world of GTArp

So I have been watching and playing a LOT of GTA RP (Role Play). But there are many nuances and rules to this game. I am currently writing a big story about it and the politics surrounding it. It will be due soon.

But until then here is a teaser.

This really took off about a year ago on Twitch and some of the biggest players like Lirik made this an overnight sensation.

However, politics (AKA ‘Drama’) around these self hosted servers based on Five M has meant that the core SOE (evolpcgaming) crowd who launched this into the popularity this now experiences has resulted in numerous servers being created and diluted the impact and the numbers watching GTArp draws quite big audiences for a beginner streamer and this means money (from subs and donations), and like most things money does tend to ruin this game. However, for now or until I can break this down into an really deep view of this I will continue watching and observing the madness. You should too. Go to twitch and search for Koil or PMSproxy as they run two of the most popular servers. NoPixel and FamilyRP.