The Joy of Lockpicking! The Locksport Hobby!

(Image Monstrum XXL kit I use by Sparrows).

So I am back to lockpicking again (KEEP IT LEGAL!). It is a fun hobby and great for older fingers to stay nimble! If you like puzzles then this is exactly that. And its cheap too as no doubt you have locks on your home or padlocks lying around. Even if you dont you can pick them up from friends or from locksmiths without keys for next to nothing. Nerds and security analysts tend to also be interested in this field as it involves using tools (called PEN TESTING in other words Penetration Testing) as stealthily as possible to access secure systems (your door or a server firewall) lcoks are locks be they digital or hardware.

Most criminals use Brute Force (now there is a IT Term for password attacks) to gain entry. Smashing windows leaving their DNA all over the place. If you lose your keys or get locked out you call the locksmith. They usually turn up and more often than not are just incompetent with a cordless drill and a replacement lock. No finesse whatsoever. Most criminals use grinders and other tools to just break locks. But there is a whole world out there what as known as hobbyist lockpickers or (locksport) as it is otherwise known. And they are the good guys many of who help lock companies improve their products by seeing if they can break into them! A bit like how I and many others were Microsoft Insiders when Windows 10 was being developed. 🙂

Basically if you google Lockpicking Lawyer or Bosnian Bill on Youtube you will see the fanbase! You may even want to try it yourself for £10 on amazon you can certainly pick up a beginners kit and see if you like it!

Once you are hooked (no pun intended but a good one standard hooks are used in lockpicking the most NM) then you will want a good set and I have the Monstrum XXL from Sparrows (see above image)! I will no doubt buy more bits. But for fiddling whilst watching YoutTube with a lock in the left hand a thumb on the keyway tensioner and the right hand picking away at some spool pins it certainly makes a better hobby than many pastimes plus it may help you or a friend one day if they lose their keys 😉

It is also quite shocking how poor most locks are and how easily they can be opened! This is a benefit in itself as lockpickers tend to have pretty good locks in or on their homes as they know the ones that are a pain and so easily compromised! I may post some videos of my lockpicking to show you at some stage how easy it can be but for now just give it a try!

If you want a good basic kit for a beginner that will grow with you spend £20 and get this! PXS-14 SouthOrd 14 Piece Lock Pick Set.

If you have a shed go see just how easy it it to open it may surprise you!