What Does Jebaited Mean? What is Jebaited (SOLVED!)

Jebaited Meaning Jebaited Definition Jebaited Def

Jebaited is an often used TWITCH Emote that shows a person laughing and looking up. It basically means you have been baited, tricked, conned, finessed, or we just tried to fool you, or a white lie said in jest, or get one over on you. ‘you were Jebaited’ rather than ‘you were baited’. Jebaited is usually light hearted and not nasty.

Example of use. A Twitch streamer asks his chat to remember some numbers for game say the telephone number he has to remember in a game say to call another player in GTA5 RolePlay. CHAT! IT IS 71967847 REMEMBER THAT CHAT! 5mins Later what was the number chat? Chat says
12376821 3171713 Kappa!
3681236262 Kappa! Jebaited! LUL! LULW!

You get the idea.