Alba TV Argos Bush USB Movie File Types (SOLVED)

What type of file plays on my USB stick on my Alba TV! What Video File Plays on my Smart TV! (SOLVED)
What USB video files will play on my Bush 24 Inch HD Ready TV/DVD Combi – Pink? (SOLVED)

(Image Alba 24 Inch HD Ready LED TV/DVD Combi with Freeview – Pink)

OK here is my story so it may apply to you. I have this TV with built in DVD but it has the ability to play movies, music and photos from a USB thumb drive. I put on the common mpeg4 format and it says format not supported. And so begins the headache of WHAT WILL IT PLAY! I created short video files in various converted states with different extensions until I solved the problem which Alba never seem to mention in their manual.


1. You need to download and install VLC Media player ( to your computer. They have it for most OS. It is free, safe, secure and widely used. I have it as my default media player btw.

2. Next you go to Media and then Convert/Save. Select your file and then press Convert/Save. On the next screen choose this MPEG2 + MPGA (TS) from the selection box below.

(Image S.Johnson)

3. Select your output folder and convert the video file in question to MPEG2 (TS). Then press the small spanner and change the default 800kbs to 5000kbs! If you dont the video quality will be terrible on anything other than a small screen. Then press start. It converts in REAL TIME so if your movie is an hour long it will take an hour to convert so dont be impatient!

When complete drag and drop this onto your USB stick and plug it into the side of your Alba TV. And it should play no problem. You can find the USB menu with the source button on your remote. And use the up and down arrow keys to find your movie.

Hope this helps!

Have Fun!