Youtube will not play on VLC Network Stream

YouTube will not load Network Stream on VLC (solved)

This is a solution as of the time this was posted. However it is likley the code will be updated as it changes in the future from the same source GitHub.

If you have VLC and everyone should have VideoLan! Then chances are you want to play Youtube Videos in it using their Network Stream under Media. However recently as people updated VLC they discovered this was no longer possible.

YouTube have a LAUC file in the playlist folder that simply needs to be replaced but has to be done so manually! And this for most people is unknown so they assume it is no longer possible. Nevertheless It is fixable.

To do this visit

Git Hub

There is a page of code there highlight and copy all the code within the box from



return { { path = vlc.access..”://”..video_id..copy_url_param( vlc.path, “fmt” ) } }


And paste this onto Windows NOTEPAD You can find this in you Windows Search toolbar.

Then save it as youtube.luac Notepad will automatically add the .txt extension which you must remove in the folder afterwards. to do so open the folder then click VIEW (on the folder toolbar) OPTIONS  Then the VIEW TAB select SHOW HIDDEN FILES AND FOLDERS! And UNCHECK hide extensions for known file types. This will show the .whatever at the ends of all your files.

Now go to the luac file you created and remove the .TXT so now it is a youtube.luac Windows may demand your admin permission to do this just agree. Make sure VLC Player is CLOSED when you do this else access will be denied as it is in use. If you cannot do this reboot windows to ensure it is not started or running in the bg.

Then go to this directory C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\lua\playlist (or your D Drive equivalent). Then overwrite the existing YouTube file that is there with this one.Now it should work.

Have fun!