Most important security and plugins for Google Chrome


HI Its me again!

Well I have some views on what you should do in regard to plugins for Google Chrome Browser and Privacy.

The first of course is Opera! Opera has hidden in its settings a FREE vpn! OK its not as good as a paid one but hey it is free! Find it here

The next is U Block Origin (although please whitelist me for telling you! ;)) I guess you wont! Either way if you are sick of ads this is the one!

Blocking your PC snooping on you?! Then its time you used this

SpyBot Anti Beacon is a piece of software that stop Microsoft spying on you through your PC! If you need advice on how to set it up! (Its easy) then take a look at Barnacles Nerdgasm Video here!

Lastly Lastpass! Free on PCs! It is a VERY SECURE! (Well tested by teams) and approved by Security Now! (Thats the Security show!) as being secure so secure they named their studios after it! It has a small fee for mobile devices but seriously ONE password to rule them all and secure password generator built in?! DO IT now and stop using Monkey1 as your pass! LOL!

Thats it! A simple list to protect you!