Lloyds Bank Log in Error message (SOLVED).

Lloyds Bank Sorry, we’ve had to log you off Error Problem Fix

OK so you log into your bank Lloyds (Bank of Scotland Group) and you get a blank page with a message on it saying this…

Sorry, we’ve had to log you off [Error: 1007 ID: 18.bfce7a5c.1594211465.xxxxxxx additional numbers] or similar.

You try again same message! You then panic or wonder what has happened.  3 solutions. 2 below and the third is call them of course! 🙂

Solution 1Turn off your ad blocker and refresh the page and try again! Job done and even if you turn it back on again you may find it will log you in next time without turning it off.

Solution 2 – Maybe handled by your browser – Flash is coming to the end of its life and I noticed Google Chrome now actively blocks this plugin. It will say FLASH PLUGIN BLOCKED at the end of your address bar. This may require you to temporarily use a different browser until you deal with this flash issue.

Above meaning Lloyds attempted to load flash and we all know how insecure flash is. Lloyds should not be using it at this stage but hey ho they do so look out for that.

Hope this helps!