What is Project Blue Beam? (SOLVED)

What is Project Blue Beam (SOLVED)

I love a conspiracy theory me. And the big one after Flat earth and ‘Plandemics’ is ‘Project Blue Beam’.

The simple answer is it is a false flag event created to fool humanity into believing there is an alien invasion. This then forces humanity under one controlling ‘entity’ to fight back. When this is over or exposed as a grand hoax either way there is no going back. In the same way recent pandemic events make life before very different to life now and that happened in only a few months!

Project Blue Beam is supposed to be in 5 phases.

  1. Faked discoveries to show alien existence (footage of UFOS) from US military for example. This is much more common than it ever was.
  2. The Big Space Show in the sky projected from a network of satellites creating a holographic field.
  3. Injecting thoughts into the minds of humans using telepathy (some say 5G or similar implant technology yet to be demonstrated). But yeah that sort of thing.
  4. Super weapons forcibly disarmed after the event pacifying humanity for the future takeover.
  5. Removal of cash as a currency and only having electronic money so the government can switch it off instantly to those who need to be punished. And observe ALL activities for monetary reward giving the new super state total control.

How will this be prevented? The argument is that it has already begun. The ability for the world to be told to stay indoors and do as they are told was unthinkable just a few years ago but it has happened. The worry about passing on disease through handling money and touchless swiping of creditcards is now preferred and cash is already disappearing. The ramping up of a ‘Space Force’ and the Elon Musk SpaceX and Amazon and others now all going into space with launch after launch of….? What is their actual payloads? Debates over 5G and can it do harm or is this a carrier wave for something else? And of course UFOs now being shown on the News with verified footage from the military is unheard of in the past. ‘Project Blue Book’…. From where this title came from was Phase one a few decades ago where ‘Alien encounters’ were seriously investigated by the USA and mostly buried, however, today, it is open for the world to see on national news. Just google Tic Tac UFO footage, and that was shot by a US military aircraft, so why is it not TOP SECRET? Unless they want us to see it?

So if this were something to worry about and not something silly (as recent events prove the world can change overnight), then the only way to stop this is for the world to be aware this could be happening, and not believe everything you hear and see. and rather use common sense.

For a fun look at conspiracies check out Sam Tripoli ‘TinFoil Hat‘. Sam is a famous Stand Up comedian and has a great YouTube channel where he explores this and more.

But my advice is if something doesnt make much sense, then you are already thinking for yourself!

Do you think this is something that can happen or is already happening? Or is it just a bit of fun? Either way go take a look at Tinfoil Hat here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBgldhBkwIxoQp0fxBg8pgA