Octopus Mega Super Yacht for sale £200m owned by the late Microsoft Co Founder Paul Allen

M/Y OCTOPUS | 126.2m/414’01” Lurssen world’s biggest explorer yacht for sale – Superyacht Tour

Octopus is a 414-foot (126 m) megayacht owned by the Jody Allen-controlled estate of the late Paul Allen is now for sale. It is one of the world’s largest yachts. If you have £200m quid to spare and can afford to run it as an expensive toy to explore the worlds oceans then there is no better. Billionaires at Cannes and Monaco would faint with jealousy! Watch the video!

Yup my latest indulgence is watching the Youtube channel Aquaholic as he is a regular middle class guy who loves boating. Armed with his Gopro he gets invited on motor yachts and films them. The recent one with Jim Davidson was really interesting! So then that lead me down the rabbithole and I ended up watching this! You may think well whats this got to do with TECH? JUST LOOK AT IT! And the co founder of Microsoft the later Paul Allen (RIP) owned it and used it to explore the oceans…

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The wealth of some people is only apparent when you see stuff like this!