NeXt Personal Air Taxi

The NeXt Personal Air Taxi promises Autonomous flight bookable from a phone app!

AirTaxi from NeXt!

This is a tech blog and not a flight blog. However, sometimes the two will meet. Flight like ground vehicles increasingly are becoming autonomous. However, the hurdle seems to be taking to the skis for personal transport that does not require an airport or acres of land and a pilots licence. Modern aircraft today have screens and fly by wire already and of course autopilots routing, mapping, they can even land themselves! If you want a great channel on YouTube for Aviation with a 747 pilot who explains everything in a fun way check out Kelsey on 74 Gear here. The fact that the skies are almost empty compared to the roads makes the idea of Air Taxis or Air Ubers very attractive. The advancement (compared to the early days) in quadcopter technology and their ability to stay still film and move to designated points flawlessly can of course just be upscaled. Courier companies are already trialing it (Amazons infamous air delivery service for example) so this is where the Bolaero comes in. Bol Aero get it…. nice!

How about you book an Air Taxi on your phone. It lands outside on your driveway or parking space (or roof or garden as the aircraft is small and has a very compact interior) and whisks you away to the airport! Or that business meeting? Or that Hospital Appointment? You get the idea. An uber for the skies? We know Teslas can manage roads now on their own very well and getting better every day, nevertheless, the sky in comparison to the highway has a lot more room and it is likely to be far safer. But would you get in one?

Bolaero™ is a soon-to-be-revealed, all-electric 100% Propulsion Controlled vertical takeoff and landing two-person [so not for the family for now at least!] air taxi. It has eight propellers guarded in protective safety enclosures, eight electric motors that run on batteries and a comfortable passenger compartment. NeXt is currently exploring the possibility to qualify its Personal Air Taxi initially as a Powered Ultralight by the FAA so that no pilot’s license will be required to fly. Users simply tap a map to select a destination landing site using the touchscreen on their iOS or Android mobile device.

The funny thing is where I live we have these hire scooters dotted about they seem to give birth to each other daily and wander about the countryside! Nobody ever sees them move! LOL. I can only imagine a world full of these in a 100 years!

Have fun

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