How do I opt out of EBAY SELLER HUB? (SOLVED)

Ebay Seller Hub How to remove?

Ebay have a couple of options for selling one is the traditional MY EBAY a simple list and easy to navigate and the other is SELLER HUB thats really for high volume sellers that needs data and analytics and precision listing controls. Many people accidently opt into the professional SELLER HUB and dont know how to escape forever bothered by it. Well up until recently Ebay has made it quite difficult to change back. Their are numerous hacks on YouTube somehow creating the interface with a bookmark to the old one. But now all you need to do is this (see the screenshots) well thats on your SELLER HUB Overview.

Click OPT out of Seller Hub

Ebay will then say,

You are ALL SET TO USE MY EBAY SELLING and ask you for feedback. Give them the feedback and a thank you for the option to switch as one day you might want the pro tools who knows?

OK there is one bug with this sometimes when you go back ITS BACK AGAIN!!! Grrrrr! Well the secret is to bookmark this link

That link has mys in the link which bypasses the pro seller hub! 😉 Just remember to save that as a shortcut and you are good to go!

Have fun