When Robotic eyes look back at you something strange happens in humans!

When you know you’re being watched, it’s hard to pretend i is not happening. This applies to anything watching you.

Tis has now been fully evaluated by scientists using robots as the ‘watcher’ to see how it changes our behaviour.

Science Alert reports… ‘If the robot looked up at the human players during the session, it ended up affecting the participants’ behavior and strategy in the game – a change that could be discerned in measurements of their neural activity recorded by electroencephalography (EEG) during the experiment.’

This kinda in a way reminds me of the quantum observed photons that behave differently when observed but I digress…

“If the robot looks at you during the moment you need to make a decision on the next move, you will have a more difficult time in making a decision,” says cognitive neuroscientist Agnieszka Wykowska from the Italian Institute of Technology.

“Your brain will also need to employ effortful and costly processes to try to ‘ignore’ that gaze of the robot.”

In the experiment, 40 participants sat across from an iCub humanoid robot, competing in a game of ‘Chicken’ on a horizontal computer screen, in which two simulated cars rushed head-on towards one another.

Just before the moment of impact, the game would pause, and the participants were asked to look up at the robot – which would either meet their gaze, or look away. During this instant, the participants had to decide whether to let their cars run ahead, or to deviate to the side.

The results of the experiment showed that the robot’s return gaze didn’t influence the choices individual human players made, but it did cause their response time to slightly increase, with participants generally responding faster in the game when the iCub averted its eyes.

I guess it suggests that if a robot looks at you it affects your reaction time so please do not put eyes on Tesla cars! LOL!

Have fun!