PS3 GTAO RIP The End of an Era!

PS3 GTAO RIP Hello The Contract on PS4 Xbox and PC.


So it is with great sadness that Rockstar decided to end their PS3 GTA Online servers on Dec 16th 2021. To be fair they did give a 6 months warning. Although many on newer systems felt this was a non story and who cares(?), the truth is many, many people who played on GTA5 Online on PS3 were often from developing countries, or on low incomes, and could only afford this on PS3. The used DVD games market means that the disc is around $5 or less as the second hand disc market is buoyant. I felt they should have continued to run the servers at least until GTA6 was launched.

Being in the UK I often played with people in my time zone and many were from Africa. one of my friends I often did heists with was a lovely girl from Zimbabwe. I said, ‘listen if you even get a PC on Steam add me…’ She said she might struggle to get a PC but I explained that you can get quite an old one that would run GTA5 (check the minimum specs) and the Online servers do carry a lot of the load story mode does not (thats a little tip btw if you get texture loss in storymode try online you will be amazed just how Rockstar lift the weight from your PC!). So not sure if she will get one, but it is an example of the fact that often it is not the console but rather buying GTA5 on steam new thats the prohibitive factor.

I had a rooted PS3 which allowed me to run the Supreme launcher meaning I could spawn vehicles and basically run in God Mode if I wanted. But surprisingly I only ended up using it when the game bugged out. Prime example would be during Prison Break  and the escape vehicle the Velum plane having the 5 stars bug. This occurred when the pilot just cannot lose the stars no matter what they do this often resulted in them flying around for ages without success and eventually crashing into the sea with frustration! After allowing them a reasonable time (modders tend to be annoying) allowing them to try themselves. I just removed their stars for them. To me this is not cheating it was helping. But now I can only use that mod in story mode so have moved on to GATO on PC and am enjoying no mods or hacks! I did enjoy improving friends heists on PS3 say by spawning us all Kurumas in Pacific Standard finale or Insurgent Pickups for say Plane steal in Prison Break… It just made it feel fresher and more fun.

So as one door closes another door opens and the day before PS3 GTAO ended ‘The Contract’ began. which is the most recent DLC from Rockstar featuring Dr Dre. Well he has had his phone stolen and on it are new tracks. So he hires your agency that is headed by (an older, I like that they did that) Story Mode Franklin (and a bit of light humour provided by his pal Lamar) and his now stoned dog Chop! LOL.

I have now played through the new DLC and in the next post will have a few hints and tips on some areas that might make this easier to play especially for those in solo mode.

Have Fun! x