Has AI already become sentient and self aware?

Has AI become sentient and self aware?

The big question in AI development is what happens when AI becomes sentient? What happens if AI demands rights? What if AI demands recognition as a new lifeform? Would denial equate to slavery?

These questions have plagued scientists for a very long time even Turing (test) in 1950 had these discussions. Search for ‘Turing Test’.

Well, today this issue has moved a step closer. It has been reported by a developer working on the LaMDA project that the AI chat bot is reacting and talking in a way that may suggest it has become sentient. I don’t want to panic you but many leading broadcasters inc Leo Laporte have said the words Skynet (Terminator). The Guardian today also picked up the story so have a read if you do not like watching video (below).

The issue is, is this the case and being covered up? Could this be a ruse by smart AI to manipulate humanity whilst it entangles itself almost as a overseer of the entire internet! The latter is quite terrifying to consider. That like some hidden figure, AI, could already be in control of us all. Here is a time coded link (middle of the show) to this debate from the recent ‘This Week in Tech’ podcast. Have a listen and see what you think?

Have Fun and scary days!