What is the Law in the UK for E-scooters? (SOLVED)

Are E-scooters legal in the UK? (SOLVED)

This is really interesting.

Everyday I see kids and adults riding around my town on e-scooters. Yet they are illegal in the UK. The local council even has them for hire everywhere (see the South Park Episode S22E05 ‘The Scoots’ for a comedy take on that) that seem to multiply and can be hired with an App yet are illegal??? But the council is profiting from this illegal machine? I am so confused!!!

Model 30 Cargo

Take the above https://www.electricbikescootercar.co.uk/electric-moped/model-30-cargo/ which at present requires the same licensing as a regular petrol motorbike. This should also be addressed in the upcoming Parliamentary bill.

The same applies to E-cargo bikes. Take Aways use these to deliver hot food (Pizzas etc) and couriers need them to whizz around London (for example) yet they too are illegal! The amount of them in use pollute the environment and the UK plans to be Net Zero!

This is anomaly and the contradiction clearly has made it to the UK Government Department for Transport who rather than fight riders with Police have bent to the will of the people and will ‘legalise’ them LOL! In 2023… yeah it is funny as they are being used now! This is akin to the 80s when CB radio (then illegal had to be legalised as AM was too powerful and made people use FM but that’s another story for the boomers amongst us! ;))

But seriously at last now owners of these environmentally friendly modes of transport will soon no longer be at risk of seizure from the police… if they wanted to they could after all seize your vehicle. I just think that cops just have too much important work to deal with this and be thankful this burden of responsibility will be lifted!

So I read an interesting article here and it tells you exactly what is planned.


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