How to get Cop Cars in GTA Online How to get a Personal Police Vehicle you can store in your Garage in GTAO!

How to store Police vehicles in your garage in GTA Online 2024

OK for those who love playing Cop over the years there have been a number of glitches that allowed you to get cop cars and Police Uniforms. From parking a cop car at an angle to the garage to reversing in whilst looking forwards… From getting a cop unifom in crooked cop job then parachuting through the world to the roof of the garage under the games void…

However now you can finally get one for real.

Since the end of 2023 the Chop Shop DLC has give us the vehicles we desired. And you can even chrome them without doing winning races. A little tip you can also chrome vehicles that are requested for you to steal when you respray them do not deliver them spray them chrome and store them… But thats another story.

GTA Online The Chop Shop!

Whilst you do not HAVE to do the missions in the Chop Shop it does make the cop cars cheaper. I have them all and they are surprisingly good fun with great handling and until now all you could do is either steal them or use the Lifeguard Pickup as this is classed as an Emergency Vehicle.

But if you have the money just buy them at the full price. You can get a Cruiser and Unmarked (Both can be stored as Personal Vehicles) and a SWAT van (Pegasus). But drive around in them in Passive Mode because they will not take and explosives not have any Agency style anti Missile protection sadly.

Here I am in my Cop uniform (the crooked cop glitch fro way back) and my 2 cop vehicles in my Agency.

As near as you can get to being a cop in GTAO without cheating and using Mods (which I do not recommend). If you wanna play cop for real use LSPDFR offline see my categories for more on that.

The Chop Shop Finale When you deliver the final car! Which then is discounted at the dealer! (Below).

Have Fun with friends in Jobs so you can cat and mouse Cop RP without anyone ruining it!




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