Sightful Spacetop Augmented Reality Laptop (No Screen)

Image The Verge

Every so often I think this is something I would use. Imagine being on the Train and having full sized screens around you?! The Screen is an issue and does take up a lot of real estate especially if you are say a business person being driven around in a car. In the Backseat you can pull down your shelf of your Mercedes and you have this in front of you. And being AR rather than VR you remain connected to the real world.

At around £2K This is also affordable. A decent gaming PC costs more than this.

Te only downside for me is I am not a touch typist as in I like to see the keyboard whilst typing fast. I suppose you would have to slightly modify you head position and look down (similar to TrackIR which I use for ETS2 and ATS) at the keyboard rather than move your head?

For more check out the video above or a full review at The Verge.

Have fun and Happy Days




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