Composing songs using Suno AI (with Results).

What is the Best Music AI site? (SOLVED)

OK so for fun I used the new music composing AI site Suno.

I have a few friends whose names I have included in the music. I obviously kept it a bit abstract as to not include locations, surnames or identifiable info.

I basically told the AI what I wanted

I want a calm relaxing chill song near the sea with Julie, William and (yours truly) Samantha in the song, Relaxing drinking wine at the cinema? By altering just a few word cues it changes the song completely of course.

Well this is what it came up with… This is clearly only 2 verses but on first glance this is seriously good! It took 20 seconds for the AI to create this from scratch!

I think the saying goes in the music industry? WE ARE ALL F*CKED!

Enjoy! I have also included a few more variations below but the first one below was probably the best for me and my ears anyway. They do have a very Ed Sheeran vibe so I think AI is aware of him! 😉 I May try Adele later. What is also interesting is something people may have missed. Also within that 20 seconds production time it creates an AI album Art TOO!!!

(UPDATE) Now with V3 released you can create longer songs for free here are 3 made for friends.

Keywords Miss Sally, Agnes, Grenada, Miss Topsey, Orchids and Mermaids. 2 versions The first has clearer lyrics

Other examples

Number 1 Seaside Serenade

Number 2 Seaside Cinema

Number 3 Dancing to the Drums which is when I added a Drum and Bass keyword

I then thought I would challenge it.
I told the AI to write a song with this…
high energy 80s song that includes the names William, Julie and Samantha it created 3 samples below. I ran out of credits before I could get the Hi NRG beat I wanted but no doubt in the pro version you could tweak this to your heart’s content and even import say(?) ChatGPT lyrics you have composed separately. For example, write a song using these lyrics, but with a sad melancholy undertone… And Suno would compile and accomplish this with ease. In time I am sure they will improve the variety of vocal samples too.

Here are few more variations on the theme.

This one is pretty good

When they are composed they give two versions, and the top version is always the best(!), the second option it creates suggests that even the AI knows its not that good. So I omitted those.

Obviously this site will be heavily used and cannot financially allows people to download and create full songs in an unlimited capacity, so it has limited users to try a few songs and after that you would need to upgrade and pay. But this is very promising. If you want to see this at a fully upgraded version of this making music is like watch this post that has xQc (the streamer) using the software… its fun!

My gut feeling is that very soon Google and others will have the capacity and ability to have this as a side app on your phone, or in Windows that is just ad supported. This is still early days after all. But for Youtubers looking to create music for their videos with no musical experience or even the time to create ‘unique’ songs without copyright strikes this could seriously affect the music industry. After all not sure how suing and AI would work exactly?! LOL

I think this will do to the music industry what digital photography (and camera phones) did to Kodak and photographers in the 80s and 90s who had the ability to print and develop their own photos, making the whole process out of reach from regular folk who maybe just took a few photos a year, and took the roll of film to the Boots (chemist) to be developed. I quote Ricky Gervais when he said, “I have like a small album of photos of me growing up maybe 10 or so?” I have 30 of me just in the bath this morning making faces!” And thousands of photos on my phone today! Such was the cost and difficulty of photography in the past and not that long ago! Karl Pilkington then says…yeah and most of Ricky’s photos are of me!” They laugh…

But the skills required to compose music, even with samples and midi keyboards is still very high. Especially if you want a singer!

AI music sites like this will change all that overnight!

Have Fun and Happy Days




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