How old does AI think you are?

Following reports that this generation are looking older than the previous at the same age the internet is testing this out using AI.

I was watching Asmongold here (time stamped) and it is a very interesting video.

Gen Z is aging like Milk

Using AI facial recognition and their amazing algorithm. I thought I would test this. AI builds banks of millions of faces and their ages. Here is my result.

The site is Be patient it takes a while to load probably due to the demand on its servers.

Thought I would have a play with this app after watching some streamers get upset that they looked older.

So I thought right I am just gonna walk in the bathroom, no makeup, bed hair, manky tshirt and terrible glasses warts ‘n’ all and just see what AI thinks of me!

I did run some tests with older photos (like 10 years ago) of me (as a control) and they were very accurate.

It said I was 13 years younger than I am! Although once you reach middle age its neither here nor there. So gonna stop there and take the ‘W’. Mind you I never go outside… 🙂

The main issue with age is we are generally biased with ourselves and our friends. No one wants to hear they look older than they are or even the age they are!

So AI is probably as honest and as cold as it gets.

Have fun and happy Days