When Human Lyrics, AI Music and AI Artist come together.

So I have been playing with AI music (AGAIN).

In this I wrote some lyrics for fun that applied to a gamer friend. But then used AI to perform them and add the music.

These are the Lyrics I wrote (Human) as AI would need to understand the context and know the person. The AI is limited and does end rather abruptly so I took the audio into Davinci Resolve to the extend the track and fade it out appropriately.

Lyrics (BillyBadUK)

He stands tall when playing his games,
His speed and reaction gave him his fame,
He is feared and respected when ever he plays,
and Billy bad U.K is his name.

An Xbox ambassador quick on the pad,
Driving his trucks at the wheel he is mad,
He takes no prisoners when called to duty,
Billy Bad U.K is his name.

The story of his gaming spread far and wide,
His enemies wanted to be on his side,
But few were so lucky and they died,
Because Billy Bad U.K is his name!.

And the musical style was

Chicago 80’s blues, electric guitar, male vocal, slow

And here is the result.

Download Link


Have fun and happy days!