Where is the Show Desktop Button on Windows 11 Taskbar? (SOLVED!)

What happened to the Windows 11 Taskbar button on the far right by the clock that minimised everything?

How do I activate the button by the clock that used to show the desktop on Windows 10?

OK this is a doozie. By default in Windows 10 there was a button on the far right of the taskbar (that you may not even of noticed) that minimized everything when touched it to the right of the clock, it was tucked right in the corner. It was really handy when your desktop (like mine) just got too cluttered and needed clearing (without closing any of the windows). BTW you can use the windows shortcut keys. WIN KEY + M, It effectively does the same. For some reason Windows Eleven (W11) with their annoying center taskbar keys…? I immediately put them left justified! Doesn’t have that show desktop key there?

However, you can activate that old friend in your settings see the photo below.

Hope this helps

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