Rabbit R1 The AI personal assistant

Rabbit R1 (most women will chuckle at the name) The personal AI assistant is here. It does seem to have made a stir and not seen excitement like this since an Apple launch. So he clearly is onto something?!

So this is the latest update since launch. The remaining videos are user experiences and unboxings. And of course the launch.

Palm-sized high quality hardware becomes your personal AI. This has YouTube creators all very excited. In fact just go to YouTube right now and type Rabbit R1… see for yourself! So what is all the fuss about?

The whole AI use factor is still clunky and why Elon Musk wants brain interfaces to replace finger taps. Until then the ability for humans is to have less effort to achieve your goal. Personally I feel this could easily be copied by Apple and adapted to a phone. But there is clearly something novel here. Just take a look at the videos.

Unlike ChatGPTs, Rabbit R1 can do things chatbots are incapable of. You can only prompt them to generate queries, solutions etc. but not get end to end solutions. The ability to ask the AI on-the-fly to order you an Uber and whilst waiting outside a restaurant and also say can I listen to Gary Numan (yeah he is cool… still) and reorder the ingredients I used last night for that tasty meal you (the AI) suggested, all at the same time, it almost feels like sci-fi! Oh (and points Rabbit at something…) what is that? It tells you. All this in 5 seconds!

It has a camera screen usbc and simcard slot.

  1. Can plan you itinerary and book your flights in a jiffy, order groceries, food, and more.
  2. Can learn other apps like Midjourney and do the job for you.
  3. Can scan your fridge and suggest best possible low-calorie dishes.
  4. Can help with coding and more.
  5. All mundane tasks like news, music and more.
  6. You can not only ask it questions but use the camera as a gobetween to ask AI what you are looking at.
Jesse Lyu – Founder and CEO – rabbit inc. Explains his new device. This was the Launch please see the top of the page for update.

It is $199 with no subscription fee.

Many have said the same thing that if you want to be next gen cutting edge and get a glimpse of what the future will be this is a must buy product. If you want to ask questions to AI really easily anywhere and at anytime(?) again this is for you. Another said, ‘the worlds knowledge is in your palm’.

This seems like something that maybe looking for a solution to a problem that isn’t really there? Can you do all this can do with your phone? Yes. But it is clunky and separated.

Anyways I will hold off for now. But for someone on the move it could be a real time saver!

Have fun and happy days!




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