The Quantum Computer Race – The IBM Quantum System 2

The processor that can calculate the universe!

Expected to soon be Faster than a billion super computers! Anyone who reads this blog knows that AI is equally expanding exponentially. Mix these together and we have a potential Utopia capable of curing cancer and extending life, or knowing how humanity likes to weaponize everything… an unthinkable and unimaginable Dystopia. I think it is possible that Our monkey brains will quickly be unable to process what AI and this technology is capable of. I often use the term a Garden slug trying to understand what helicopter is even if it can understand that has shadow. Now imagine that slug climbing in and flying it? Both exist in the same time space but both are so far from each other. Humanity could be the slug and sooner than you might think!

Of course this could also be early man discovering fire? But fire is controllable with water! What do yo do to stop this?

At this stage scientists are able to understand what is going on (although that is debateable and moot) the human brain is still able to grasp the concepts being developed. But for how long?

Quantum bits (the crosses) at absolute zero act like artificial atoms. Each one doubles the computers power. Whilst 20 transistors is 20 times more powerful than one. 20 Q-bits is exponential and a million times more powerful than one.

Here is a great video on the subject made easy to understand. And remember crypptographic keys that protect everything from banking and your credit cards to Nuclear Missile codes can effectively be cracked in moments with this technology when it matures! Sleep well!

Have fun and happy Days




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