Open AI and Microsoft Team up for Stargate Super Computer

(Photo Sam Altman of Open AI working with Microsoft on Stargate).

OK first lets get the name out of the way. Conspiracy Theorists believe most middle eastern wars where the US is involved are in part to collect ancient tech. After all it is the cradle of civilization and to this day hold many unsolved mysteries around the Younger Dryas extinction event 12.5k years ago. Many believe there was an advanced civilizations before that.

OK Then we have the ideas that this tech will be in part a Stargate. Anyone who has watched the Movie and TV Series knows what that entails. So the immediate view of the conspiracy theorists is… they have a stargate or can build one. But to power it and decrypt it will require a super computer.

OK thats the Tinfoil Hat out of the way as of course this name is going to stir this up. That said why call it Stargate? Especially if you want it to be taken seriously? Unless of course you are actually doing that and in plain sight? Here is where this project is so far.

What is Stargate?

Stagate is an AI project to develop Artificial General Intelligence and will cost Microsoft $100 billion!

AGI or artificial general intelligence, or a single AI system that could perform most cognitive tasks as well or better than a human is the golden goose for these corporations and the race is on to reach the ‘Singularity’! This is the point where AI surpasses Humanity and becomes smarter than any human on earth. This is a fear for many as this is the point of no return and will either parent us (with cures for cancer and aid space travel etc) or it will see us as vermin in the way and ‘delete us’. This is the term gray goo.

Microsoft and Open AI have now invested in a datacenter costing $1 billion in Wisconsin (USA). It is likely to be for training OpenAI’s next-generation models—probably due out in 2026. The Stargate supercomputer project is estimated to take between five and six years to complete. As it develops and more and more computers are added (and maybe even quantum computers? See a previous post) billions will continue to be poured in. In fact the demands of such a center will consume enourmous amounts of power that would require it to not be part of the national grid and may even require its own nuclear powerstaion to operate. Stargate’s power requirements, are estimated to be several gigawatts and this will also increase over time.

Obviously this is still all being developed but it is happening.

Have fun and happy days!




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