How do I check if if someone is using a fake photo on Facebook? – Catfish

How do I check if if someone is using a fake photo on Facebook? – Catfish

How do I trace CATFISH?

Anyone who has watched the series Catfish on Mtv regularly see them check someone’s profile by searching for similar images online.

Often if you run a Facebook Group you will get applications from people who may have photos of themselves and something just doesn’t sit right.

By using the technique below you can trace those photos and see if they have stolen them from other online profiles, and this not only prevents you making friends with fakers or ‘CATFISH’ identities as they are otherwise known thanks to that very same series (where two guys track down fake relationships on social networks), you may already be having an online relationship with an attractive person – this may upset you as if you discover that there is a website with the same image and that is more likely to be real – for example that website contains many images of that same person doing other things then it could be devastating – caveat aside here is how you do it.

I will use a generic image to show how it is done – in this case I will use the most famous image on the net – the Google Logo. As I am going to use Google to do this.

(No copyright infringement intended The Google logo is the registered trademark of Google Inc.)


1. On Facebook click the image in question so it opens in a pop up slide show.


2. Right click the image and select open in new tab – then at the top click the new tab.


3. Select the long link in the red square above – right click – select all – right click – copy. Do not try to write it out manually as they can be ridiculously long!


4. Visit this link and it will redirect to your local google in my case Then look at the top right and click ‘images’ and the above page will show. Click the little camera icon at the end of the line (shown) and it will open the following search box.


4. Paste the url you copied earlier (see above) into the box shown, and click ‘Search by Image‘.


4. A list of similar images will appear. Middle-click any images that you think look the same and you will be taken to the website/s in question. From there you can decide if these images were stolen or not.

For your sake I hope you have only one image and that is the one person you have fallen in love with or trust!

But it could show up 10 identical images stolen from dating sites, or college yearbooks belonging to someone else completely. You might want to email that person to check if they know about this – similar to how they investigate on the MTV series Catfish.

Good Luck! It may just save your life!


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