How to Download the original YouTube Video Upload!

How do I download the original YouTube Video file? SOLVED!

OK so you have uploaded videos to YouTube,

A year down the line you need a copy back of that original file. Or another.

So you use ‘plugin’ and download assitance software that tends to download a compressed version or a converted flv format that is NOT the original you uploaded!

Well I recently found out how to do it from the twit network and here is what to do…

Capturing YouTube Videos with the free and excellent VLC. If you don’t have VLC you should it can play everything!

1. Download & Install VLC * Versions for OSX, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD are available.

2. Open the YouTube video that you want to download
3. Copy the URL for the YouTube video your want to download
4. Open VLC
5. Click “Media”
6. Click “Open Network Stream”
7. In the box that says “Please enter a network URL:”, paste your YT URL
8. Click “Play”
9. In the VLC tool menu, click “Tools”
10. Click “Codec Information”
11. At the bottom of the window, you’ll see a long string in the “Location” field. — “Select All” and copy.
12. Open a new browser
13. Past in the copied string and GO!
14. The video will start to play, right click the video, and “Save Video As”
15. Select a location for the video to be copied.