Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens Video

The Long awaited J.J. Abrams Star Wars Movie. I wonder if there will be any lens flare in it? Star Trek had a lot of that and it was annoying!

Here we are again and it appears there is another Black person in the Universe apart from Lando Calrissian. Maybe he is his son? Due for release in 2015 so a long time to wait still, but the ‘rushes’ of the film so far seem to have got the nerds in a frenzy!

It is great that there appears to be a Black lead as as they Joked in ‘Family Guy’ spoofs why was there only ever one Black man and two women in the Universe? And after all, storm troopers wore armour, so how do we know they were not mostly Black guys? Some may say that Black guys as baddies is racist? So there is going to be some controversy with the hard core traditionalists.

Watch the trailer below it looks exciting!