Best Free apps to Keep you Calm – Android iPhone – Low Stress!!!

Top Low Stress Apps for Mobile Gaming

The biggest problem with games on mobile is many go for the anger factor, or the frustration that culminated in that hideous ‘Flappy Bird’ – That game broke many a phone in anger!

So what about games that you can sit back whilst watching the telly and just take your time, relax, and play?



Jenga is the game of removing wooden blocks (so simple a concept), you have probably played it in ‘real life’ and it takes skill and careful and calm thought to play properly. I never thought this could be made realistically on mobile, but here it is(!), and it is a very accurate game too – and a lot of fun! Even if they topple, it does not ‘needle’ the player as much as a battling game. I would highly recommend playing it and it is free (with very few ads) from the Playstore. You can also challenge online players from across the world in a turn-based way every day a move, or challenge you own friends. Some stills below from my game play.

Android – Download
Apple IOS – Download

 Plumber 2


This is a great game! It is calming because you can work your way backwards from the end pipe by rotating other pipes until they line up, and ensure all the creatures are part of that maze for maximum points. Slow, calming and fun. This is the perfect game to play on the commute. Children will also love it, and it will likely develop a ‘mechanical mind’ – if you are a plumber in real life then get your kids to install this as it might bond them to your trade and create little plumbers – but do not for a moment think this is just a ‘kids game’ try it and you will see why. ;).

Here are some screenshots from my game play – for some reason I am pretty good at this (extra points me thinks!).

Android – Download
Apple/IOS – Download (Plumber 1)



Dots is a very simple concept – you connect the dots. If you can create a square all the same colour dots on the page are wiped. This is relaxing if you play in ‘#Moves’ mode as you can take your time and it is very calming to play. This is a far cry from ‘TwoDots’ (from the same company – if it ain’t broke ‘n’ all that)  that is a bit stressful by comparison – so try Dots first. It is free from the iTunes app store and Google Playstore.


Android – Download
Apple/IOS – Download

Magnetic Balls


This is one of the best games out there. Fun for all the family and far, better than Bubble Witch – try it and see for yourself. I doubt you will put it down for an hour!

You tap the screen where you want the balls to go, bouncing them off the sides or using the magnetic attraction to curve them around one another, group them to have them pop out of existance. At the very bottom you have a few special balls plus it warns you what is coming so play smart and this will last you a long time to come. It also has ;’realms’ and an Arcade style, but tbh, the basic game is best, and it gives you 100 bonus a day to buy fancy balls with.

The catchy tune is just of the plus points and the low ad rate for a free game makes this a winner! Probably one of the best games out there!

Android – Download
Apple/IOS – Unavailable



The Best Android Solitaire Game!


This may seem like an odd choice, after all it was free on Windows for yonks! Not anymore! However they do have a reasonable replacement so check their Windows Store. No this is for Android and Iphone.

Now you’d be surprised just how difficult it is to get this game as a simple low ad yield app. A free game you can start play and it remembers where you left off.

Step forward ‘Solitaire’ from Brainium (great corporate name that!).

It is a realtively straight forward game to play you have to have alternative colours in the play and try and build your stacks at the top from Ace’s low.

That’s it – you will learn easily. For those that have been fans of this game – well look no further – it also has an auto tap to move which saves a lot of time dragging and dropping – The Simpsons Tapped Out should have done that!

Get it free now from the links below and sure it don’t get much more calming than this!

Android – Download
Apple/IOS – Download


Mobile games that keep your blood-pressure down are important, expecially if you are quick to anger! Tey these and enjoy what can be a meditive state for once – who needs Yoga? There is an app for that as well, but that is another story!