Samsung S6

A wrap around big screen experience in Barcelona a big success as the new S6 is finally revealed.


The Samsung s6 with it’s non-curved cheaper sister

Goodies include an f1.9 lens meaning better lo-light and the event showed on the big screen just how much better this is than the iPhone 6.

The big news was the wrap around screen which has already gone down well with the ‘Techorati’ who says.

1. You don’t bump your finger of a sharp bezel swiping anymore.

2. It is Gorilla Glass 4 – but time will tell if this is vulnerable and case ready.

3. There is no ‘second screen’ along the edge, rather it is the same screen with vertical text. This is good because in a case it can be viewed on a desk (say at a business meeting) discreetly as notifications appear rather than a full screen that all the room can see and that maybe distracting.

4. It is metal!

5. Less waterproof than its predecessor.

6. Thinner! – It has a built in battery to allow the phone to be thin, thinner than the iPhone 6 and they joked at the conference “No you cannot bend it!” Someone will try that challenge no doubt on YouTube as there is money in demonstrating it it seems from the iPhone 6+ debacle! But no SD Card slot! This is a bit of a sinker, as now you have to buy the phone with the storage you need  (like the iPhone) meaning 32, 64, 128GB options available. Not sue about that as this was part of Samsung’s strength.

7. Wireless charging is nothing new, but really being pushed with this model and amazing they have managed to fit it in without an optional back or case!

8. No longer need to swipe you finger print to be id’ed, although I suspect Apple’s Lawyers will be watch closely!

9. VR ready with their Galaxy VR Headset (or should that be welding mask?) Not as cool as Hololens by Microsoft – but this phone will fit the new model when it comes out…

10… and finally it will take on Apple Pay. It, unlike Apple can be used anywhere that swipes credit cards due to Samsung recent company purchases. Meaning it behaves like a swipe card by projecting a magnetic field similar to a card’s magnetic strip. This is pretty good! As the ‘mom and pop’ stye shops that may not get Apple Pay for another 10 years can instantly use this! Although they may need some convincing it is not some criminal activity – “There I just paid – Hocus Pocus!

When will the Samsung S6 be available on sale? – April 10th 2015