The Technology Blog!

The Technology Blog!

I am always fiddling with something, from soldering, to repairing, modding, installing, hacking (the good sort!), coding, graphic design, editing, gaming, hardware and building little projects to save money.

This section is you link to my latest thoughts, tech advice or things that interest me.

Quite often I hear about new stuff and want to share it with others, I can sometimes face a problem and resolve it and think, I could not find the fix for that and did it and maybe others would like that tip too?

Of course I am a passionate tech consumer in media terms, I watch many many tech tv shows, listen to tech podcasts. I sometimes forget that what can often be stressful to me must be a nightmare to a newbie!

Tech is changing, from ‘wearables’, to the ‘Internet of things’. I heard a joke a while back from Steve Gibson and he said, “it may come the day when you washing machine and refrigerator are doing a denial of service attack on a bank!” LOL! That’s funny for nerds believe me! But that’s the sort of thing that this is about. The interesting, the sneaky and the funny side of tech! And most importantly the cheap way to do things!

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